About the Author

Author of Parent Involvement Is Non-Negotiable, High School Survival Kit, and Effective Principalship Is Non-Negotiable, and founder of R.P. Educational Service, LLC, Ronnie Phillips is a well-respected, life-long scholar and educator. Phillips earned the title of administrative turn-around specialist after successfully recovering a Detroit-area school—taking it from the brink of failure and transforming it into a successful school. Phillips has over 30 years of experience as an educator in Detroit Public Schools, where he served as a teacher, counselor, department head, assistant principal, principal, successful track coach, and superintendent at the Academy of Southfield.


A native Detroiter, Phillips is the product of urban schools, where he struggled with low motivation. Thus, Phillips’ background gives him a sound grasp of how to transition students from failure to success despite unfavorable circumstances. While earning a B.S. from the University of Illinois, Phillips rose through collegiate athletic ranks and became a three-time All-American track runner. Later, he earned an M.A. from Eastern Michigan University and completed 30+ hours in general administration at Wayne State University, serving there as an adjunct professor in Education. Most recently, Phillips completed the guide, The Community’s Role in Motivating Urban Students is Non-Negotiable, which combines his academic success, wisdom, and experiences into a devised plan to inspire academic excellence amongst urban children.