Current studies indicate that when
 parents are involved in their children's education, children learn better, earn higher grades, and are more than likely to attend college

This book was created to assist parents with day-to-day strategies needed to develop educationally successful elementary-age children. Parents can follow these strategies at home. These methods have been proven successful by parents and educators.
Whether your child is in pre-school or elementary school, the strategies in "Parent Involvement Is Non-negotiable" will provide the guidance necessary for them to become successful in school and in life.

Parent Involvement Is Non- Negotiable   by Ronnie Phillips  


This manual was designed to provide high school students with a survival kit that includes proven strategies for success during the high school years. The manual includes information on successful habits for ninth graders; a four-year plan of work; how to develop goals; specific guidelines on how to have a successful freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year; how to improve ACT test scores; why college is a good idea; and other information. These chapters will provide high school students with a clear direction for their high school years and a plan that will help them to maneuver through their high school years successfully.

The manual was written as if addressing students directly, but parents can also benefit from reading it. Understanding its advice can help parents keep their high school student on track. All grade levels from 8-12 can benefit from this manual